About Us

Who We Are

The Desaria Group began in 2002 as property management company Pantas Mayang and property developer Setarabakat, with their maiden project Desaria Villa. Since then, we have grown into a multi-industry group, extending our expertise into agriculture and food processing.


We aspire to be one of the region’s most respected brands in all industries we serve

  • To supply thoughtfully crafted products of the highest quality
  • To reliably provide quality services to customers across all group entities

Our Milestones

  • Pantas Mayang established | Property Management
  • Setarabakat established | Property Development
  • Desaria Villa construction commenced
  • Desaria Villa completed, managed by Pantas Mayang
  • Desaria Plantation established in Indonesia
  • Desaria Property acquired land for The Manor project
  • Additional parcel of land acquired for The Manor
  • Coconut plantation established in Kampung Jus, Melaka
  • Durian plantation established in Kampung Serli, Pahang
  • Rubber plantation established in Belitung, Indonesia
  • Desaria Group landbank comprises areas in Klang Valley and Penang

Founder's Profile

Founder Eddie Chin Wai Fong
Eddie Chin Wai Fong
Managing Director, Desaria Group of Companies

Mr Eddie Chin is the Managing Director of the Desaria Group of Companies. He brings nearly four decades of experience in several industries, guiding the Group in its property development, building management, plantation, and food businesses.

He started his career in Indonesia in 1982 as a project engineer for PT Jaya Sumpiles Indonesia (JSI), then the country’s top civil and marine contractor involved in large-scale civil engineering, harbour construction, and coal mining contracting projects. He held multiple positions in the company, from Construction Manager, Project Manager, Senior Technical Manager, and General Manager before finally assuming the role of Company Director.

Mr Chin is also a founding member of the Bayan Group, assisting the Group in the negotiation and acquisition of its first coal mine in 1995, and has played a major role in acquiring more Greenfield coal mines throughout the years. Assuming the position of CEO in 2005, Mr Chin developed the Bayan Group into a dynamic international company, expanding to control coal mines, coal terminals, and coal floating transfer stations to perform mining contracts, barging, trading, and construction services.

Thanks to his leadership, the Bayan Group, under the holding company PT Bayan Resources Tbk, successfully grew into a billion USD company and is listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. Mr Chin resigned as President Director of PT Bayan Resources Tbk in 2018, after which he was appointed as Commissioner of the Bayan Group. He resigned as a Commissioner of Bayan in 2019.

Mr Chin graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1981 with an Honours in Civil Engineering

Senior Management

Goh Youn Peng
Goh Youn Peng
General Manager,
Desaria Group of Companies

Mr Goh Youn Peng is the General Manager of the Desaria Group of Companies and is in charge of the Group’s Malaysian operations, primarily in property development, assuming the role in June 2011.

Mr Goh has over 30 years of extensive experience across various roles in project management and business development, thanks to his work in various industries including marine works, structural foundation works, construction, property development, and property management.

Mr Goh is a graduate of the University of Malaya with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (Hons).

Loke Cherng Huei
Loke Cherng Huei
General Manager,
Property and International Division

Mr Loke Cherng Huei is the General Manager of Desaria’s Property and International divisions. Mr Loke has been a key person of the Desaria Group of Companies since its humble beginnings as Pantas Mayang Sdn Bhd and Setarabakat Sdn Bhd.

Mr Loke brings with him 30 years of professional experience across diverse project management and business development roles in various industries, including marine works construction, construction works, property development, property management and agricultural development.

Mr Loke graduated from the University of Malaya with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Our Core Values


We are honest, transparent, and trustworthy in all our activities and relationships


We ensure every action is answerable and practise good corporate governance


We promote a level playing field for all, no matter gender, age, or race